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Rubbish Facts

Why use recycled plastic?

Recycled plastic is a low maintenance, environmentally friendly and economical alternative to timber. It has the appearance of wood with the advantages of plastic making it the ideal material for outdoor furniture in urban and park environments.

Why is it better than wood?

  • It does not fade so it keeps its appearance without the need of paint or stain, eliminating expensive labour costs and environmental damage
  • It cannot rot, so can tolerate damp conditions
  • It does not absorb water, so resists fungal growth
  • It is robust enough to withstand the demands of urban situations
  • Plastic extrusion eliminates splinters
  • It is very easy to keep clean, especially where hygiene is important
  • Our designs are made from substantial heavy duty recycled plastic that resist graffiti, are difficult to burn and are heavy to move.

Does it come in different colours?

Yes, there is a choice of colours particularly for the children's playground products. It becomes a bright and cheerful addition to the playground and extends choice when planning a scheme. We have found that offering the children the chance to choose their colour schemes gives them ownership and pride in their surroundings. A school's identity can be promoted by making benches in the school's colours

How many plastic bottles does it take to make one recycled plastic bench?

One bench uses more than the equivalent of 2000 plastic bottles. For more information read our why we recycle page.

Will it degrade in acidic turf?

No. The plastic is unaffected by the acid occurring naturally in soil.

How can paint be removed?

The majority of paint can be wiped off with thinners, which do not affect the plastic.

How can marker pen be removed?

The same way as paint, by the use of thinners.

Do we make to individual requirements?

Yes, see our bespoke services page. We are more than pleased to discuss customers' special requests.

What fixings are available?

We can fix ground plates to enable products to be bolted to concrete surfaces, or extend the legs for burial in soil or cement.

Can you manufacture in specific colours?

Our standard colours include brown, black. Many of our products can be made in blue, red, yellow, green and grey.
Please check product details.
For large enough quantities we can produce any colour. So corporate colours can be included.