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Quality & Environmental Statement

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of packaging materials, our aim is to provide the optimum packaging solutions  that meets the demands and the expectations of customers and consumers. 

We will meet all the applicable legal requirements and the requirements regarding the environment, and our impact on it.

Providing a clean, safe, healthy environment for our employees, customers and neighbours.

This is achieved due to commitment to our Quality and Environmental Management Systems that satisfy the requirements of ISO 9000:2015, BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution and ISO 14001:2004. We recognise that only by continuously improving the effectiveness of our Management Systems can we ensure that efficiency and standards are maintained at all levels and stages of our business. Our continued profitability and growth is a measure of the extent we are able to satisfy our customers and stakeholders requirements

Our Management Systems are maintained by monitoring the set Objectives and Targets, using internal audits, analysis of data, management reviews, together with independent external audits and customer feedback.

Within our supply chain the production and supply of materials (and services) shall be undertaken in such a manner as to improve the quality and service to our customers and have minimal impact on the environment, with regard to the prevention of pollution and as such we will encourage our suppliers, contractors to improve their quality and environmental performance.

We will provide sufficient training for our employees on quality and environmental benefits and assign responsibility to appropriately nominated persons

In recognition of the importance, we have appointed a Management Representative with ultimate responsibility for all issues relating to our Management Systems who reports directly to the Directors. 

We are committed to ongoing reviewing of this policy and to report the results and performance of this policy annually.

Andrew Grant 20/12/2015